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Schwab ETFs Surpass $1 Billion

After launching just five months ago, Schwab ETFs have already surpassed $1 billion in assets.

Introduced in November 2009, the Schwab exchange traded funds have enjoyed rapid adoption due to low operating expense ratios and commission-free online trading in Schwab accounts.

The first four Schwab ETFs were launched November 3, 2009 including the Schwab U.S. Broad Market ETF (SCHB), the Schwab U.S. Large-Cap ETF (SCHX), the Schwab U.S. Small-Cap ETF (SCHA) and the Schwab International Equity ETF (SCHF).

Follow-on Schwab offerings include the Schwab U.S. Large-Cap Growth ETF (SCHG) and the Schwab U.S.

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ProShares Announces Reverse Share Split for 9 Funds

ProShares announced that it will execute reverse share splits on nine ProShares ETFs. The reverse splits will be effective for shareholders of record after the close of the markets on April 14, 2010. Seven of the funds will execute a 1-for-5 reverse split of shares, and two will execute a 1-for-10 reverse split of shares. The funds will trade at their post-split prices on April 15.

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Leveraged Biotech ETFs Start Trading

ProShares has introduced two new leveraged exchange traded funds tied to the leading index of biotechnology stocks.

The Ultra Nasdaq Biotechnology (BIB) and UltraShort Nasdaq Biotechnology (BIS) seek to provide 200% or -200% of the return of the NASDAQ Biotechnology Index for a single day and carry an expense ratio of 0.95%.

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Invesco PowerShares Lists Small-Cap Sector ETFs

Invesco PowerShares announced the industry's first suite of ETFs offering sector-specific beta exposure to U.S.

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Van Eck Launches Latin America Small-Cap ETF

Van Eck Global has launched Market Vectors Latin America Small-Cap Index ETF (LATM), the first U.S.-listed ETF designed to give investors exposure to small-cap stocks in Latin America.  The Fund’s net expense ratio is 0.63% percent.

Latin America’s gross domestic product (GDP) has grown at an average of 4.6 percent annually since 2005 and is expected to continue expanding at a rate in excess of that of the G-71 industrialized nations, according to the International Monetary Fund.

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New Small-Cap ETFs for Canada and Australia

IndexIQ has added two new funds to the firm's ETF line-up.

The IQ Canada Small Cap ETF (CNDA) and IQ Australia Small Cap ETF (KROO) track indices intended to give investors a means of passively tracking the overall performance of the small-capitalization sector of publicly traded companies domiciled and primarily listed on exchanges in Canada and Australia respectively.

The expense ratio for both ETFs is 0.69%.

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ProShares Adds Short ETFs for China, Real Estate and Basic Materials

ProShares has introduced three new ETFs that provide short exposure to China, Real Estate and Basic Materials Indexes.

The new funds include Short FTSE/Xinhua China 25 (YXI), Short Real Estate (REK) and Short Basic Materials (SBM).

The new exchange traded funds complement existing double inverse ETFs based on the same indexes and are intended for investors who prefer the lower volatility of single inverse exposure.

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State Street Launches Russia ETF

State Street Global Advisors recently launched the SPDR S&P Russia ETF (RBL).

Designed to provide investors with access to companies domiciled in Russia, the world’s largest producer of natural gas and oil, the new ETF seeks to track the performance of the S&P BMI Russia Capped Index.

The Index includes companies domiciled in Russia with a float-adjusted market cap of $100 million or more and a minimum value traded of $50 million for the last 12 months at the time of annual reconstitution.

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Claymore Adds Wilshire Associates ETFs

Claymore Securities has added to its ETF line-up a suite designed to track three of Wilshire Associates’ broad market indexes: the Wilshire 5000 Total Market ETF (WFVK), the Wilshire 4500 Completion ETF (WXSP), and the Wilshire US REIT ETF (WREI).

The Wilshire Indexes are used extensively by institutional and active money managers as performance benchmarks.

According to a Claymore spokesperson, the Wilshire indexes are designed to give investors a pure and complete measure of the market without arbitrary rules and restrictions that introduce biases.

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Dow Diamonds Gets New Name

State Street's Dow Diamonds (DIA) has been renamed as the SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF (DIA).

DIA tracks the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the oldest continuous barometer of the U.S. stock market, and the most widely quoted indicator of U.S. stock market activity.

The change was made to better reflect the firm’s unified brand.

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