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Global Wind Energy ETF Introduced

PowerShares Global Wind Energy Portfolio (PWND) was launched today.

The fund is based on an index of global companies that are primarily manufacturers, developers, distributors, installers and users of energy derived from wind sources.

Leading index weightings by country include Spain, Germany and Denmark.

The fund expands the options open to investors in alternative energy ETFs.  First Trust launched the First Trust ISE Global Wind Energy ETF (FAN) in June.


Carbon Credits ETN Begins Trading

Barclays iPath launched the first carbon credits ETN today.

The iPath Global Carbon ETN (GRN) tracks the Barclays Capital Global Carbon Index Total Return.  The index tracks the performance of the most liquid carbon credits associated with the world's major greenhouse gas emissions trading plans.

Currently, the index includes two plans - the European Unon Emissions Trading Scheme and the Kyoto Protocol's Clean Development Mechanism.

Vanguard Launches Total World ETF

Vanguard's Total World Stock ETF (VT) began trading today.

The fund, which carries an expense ratio of 0.25%, tracks an index of 2,900 stocks in 47 countries.

FTSE All-World Index is a market-capitalization-weighted index designed to measure the performance of large- and mid-capitalization stocks worldwide. Stocks of companies domiciled in developed and emerging international markets represent approximately 59% of the index; the remaining 41% are U.S. stocks.

WisdomTree Adds Two Currency ETFs

Two new currency ETFs from WisdomTree began trading today.

The WisdomTree Dreyfus New Zealand Dollar Fund (BNZ) and WisdomTree Dreyfus South African Rand Fund (SZR) expand the WisdomTree currency ETF family to 7.

New Zealand and South Africa are currently among the highest-yielding currencies in the developed and developing markets respectively.  The expense ratios for both funds is 0.45%.

ProShares passes $20 billion in 2 years

After only two years in the ETF business, Maryland-based ProShares passed the $20 billion mark in assets under management.

The firm specializes in leveraged and short exchange traded funds and has introduced 64 ETFs in just two years.

Leveraged and short ETFs are used in investment strategies and to hedge portfolios.  The ETFs are linked to broad indices such as the S&P 500 (SSO, SH, SDS) and the Nasdaq-100 (PSQ, QID, QLD) as well as to sector and foreign equity indices.

ProShares recently launched the first ETF that provides short exposure to Treasury securities.

First Wind Energy ETF Launches

NYSE Euronext (NYX) today announced the launch of the first Wind Energy ETF, the First Trust ISE Global Wind Energy ETF (FAN).

FAN is designed to track the performance of the ISE Global Wind Energy Index. The Fund will normally invest at least 90% of its assets in common stocks that comprise the Index or in depository receipts representing securities in the Index.

The Index provides a benchmark for investors interested in tracking public companies throughout the world that are active in the wind energy industry based on analysis of the products and services offered by those companies.

PowerShares DB to Launch Base Metal and Oil Linked ETNs

Deutsche Bank and Invesco PowerShares Capital Management LLC today announced that they will launch eight Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs) linked to the performance of industrial metals and crude oil.

PowerShares DB Base Metals ETNs

Deutsche Bank will issue four ETNs linked to the Deutsche Bank Liquid Commodity Index - Optimum Yield Industrial Metals (TM). The industrial metals index is intended to reflect the price changes in a basket of aluminum, copper and zinc futures.

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Claymore Launches First Frontier Markets ETF

Claymore announced the launch of the Claymore/BNY Mellon Frontier Markets ETF (FRN). FRN is the first U.S.

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Rydex Launches Leveraged and Inverse ETFs

The American Stock Exchange and Rydex Investments launched eight new exchange traded funds yesterday.

The new ETFs provide investors with leveraged and leveraged inverse exposure to the energy, financial, health care and technology sectors, using some of the most widely followed sector indexes in the U.S.

The new Rydex ETFs are:

Rydex 2x S&P Select Sector Energy ETF (Amex: REA) seeks investment results that match the performance of a specific benchmark, before fees and expenses, on a daily basis. The Fund's current benchmark is 200% of the performance of the Energy Select Sector Index

Rydex Inverse 2x S&P Select Sector Energy ETF (Amex: REC) seeks to provide investment results that match the performance of a specific benchmark, before fees and expenses, on a daily basis.

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HSBC Launches Long-Short Commodities ETN

HSBC USA Inc. yesterday launched the S&P CTI ELEMENTS (SM) exchange-traded note (NYSEArca: LSC).

The new ETN is linked to the S&P Commodity Trends Indicator – Total Return (S&P CTI).

The S&P CTI is designed to apply a long/short approach to the commodities markets.  The index is a diversified composite of sixteen physical commodity futures, grouped into six sectors.  Each sector is positioned either long or short (except energy, which is always positioned either long or flat), based on its price behavior relative to its exponential moving average. This long/short exposure gives the S&P CTI ELEMENTS ETNs the capability to benefit from both rising and declining price trends in the commodities markets.

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