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Trading the Holiday Grind

It’s that time again when volume dries up and prices rise into the new year. A lot of individuals are scrambling to prepare for the holidays, even though we had a year to prepare. The big money has already done most of their year end shuffling and will be taking it easy until January.

The market is overbought and sentiment readings are at extreme levels which in the past have been the start of large sell offs and even bear markets. While I am keeping a close eye for a top, there is not much we can do but stay long stocks and commodities until the market tips its hand and distribution selling is in control.

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Interview with Michael Paciotti, CIO at Integrated Capital Management

ETF MarketPro (ETFMP) recently spoke with Michael Paciotti, Chief Investment Officer at Integrated Capital Management (iCM), to discuss his firm’s approach to investing with exchange traded funds.

ETFMP: Tell us a little about your firm and investment philosophy.

Paciotti: iCM originated as a “lift out” of the investment department from one of the nation’s largest mutual insurance companies where we managed a $775mm proprietary investment program since 2004.

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Gold is in Hot Water

My previous article, A Correction in Gold is an Option discussed the overwhelming bullishness that gold and silver were garnering with the retail crowd.

After publishing that article last week I received more than a dozen emails that I would classify as hate mail.

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The Inverse Dollar Relationship, SPX and Fear

So far this week we have been seeing fear creep in the equities market.

This Wednesday we started to see fear (green indicator) reach a level which tells me to start looking for the market to bottoming. I do follow a few other charts and indicators which warn me of a possible trend reversal (high probability setup) before it takes place but the US Dollar and selling volume are key.

As we all know, when the market is trying to top and roll over it tends to be more of a process than a couple day event. It’s this lengthy topping process which has a lot of choppy price action sucking traders into a position much to early or shakes you out of the position before the market does what you anticipated.

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Gold and Overall Market Strength

The past week has been interesting to say the least. Gold is trying to find support while the SP500 grinds its way higher. Let’s jump into the charts and analysis to get better feel for what I feel is happening here.

Gold 4 Hour Chart

As you can see from the chart below gold has formed a possible double top. The fact that it made a higher high is actually a bearish sign for the intermediate term 1-3 weeks.   >> Continue


- Chris Vermeulen


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