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A Dollar Hedged ETF - Allocating Around the Falling Euro

The end of 2009 saw the entry of a new ETF in the already dense ETF landscape; a currency hedged ETF.  This new feature is of interesting significance due to its packaging inside an ETF.
Currency is a huge contributor to the total return of any international investment; so, naturally, falling foreign currency against the investor’s currency hurts its performance in the same way falling US Dollar benefits its return.  For this reason, many investors have included foreign investments in their portfolio, recognizing its importance to the global economy.

ipath euro usd exchange rate etn

Shown above is the iPath Euro/USD Exchange Rate ETN

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Drug Stocks and the Health Insurance Bill

The health insurance bill signed into law this week should be a net positive for drug stocks and health care ETFs.

While the bill does levy about $80 billion in various fees on the major pharmaceutical players over the next several years, it should also stoke sales by expanding drug insurance coverage as an additional 32 million Americans add health insurance.

Other drug industry benefits in the bill include an extension of the period of market exclusivity for makers of biologic therapies, which are far more expensive to manufacture than traditional medications, to 12 years.

What wasn't in the bill also helps drug stocks.  For example, the bill does not call for drug price controls or the importation of cheaper drugs from other countries, two possible scenarios that had c

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Faith Based ETFs: Investing with Conviction

In today's investing world, many individuals simply choose the assets class (ex.

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