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Inside ETFs - Europe

I feel like I have completed a whirlwind review of Exchange Traded Funds worldwide here at the Inside ETFs Conference Europe. I am here to satisfy my own interest in becoming more educated, as well as to prepare for speaking on panels at ETF conferences in Boca Raton, Singapore, and Amsterdam. Learning about Exchange Traded Vehicles (ETVs) will and should never stop as the products and the financial markets in which they are used will be evolving for many years to come.

The first ETF came about in the US in 1993 under the ticker SPY, also known as the “spyder.” The spyder enabled institutional investors to purchase the entire S&P 500. This allowed the investor access to market returns, while limiting specific company risk.

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Survey Finds That Active Traders Embrace ETFs

A new survey of active traders finds that the majority trade exchange traded funds.

The latest Charles Schwab Active Trader Sentiment Survey finds that 54 percent of traders trade ETFs.

Of those who trade ETFs, half (50 percent) are primarily using sector or specialty ETFs, 38 percent are primarily using index ETFs and only 12 percent are favoring exotic or leveraged ETF products.

Active traders find that ETFs are an easy, cost-effective way to gain exposure to sector, industry or market trends while helping reduce the company-specific risks associated with buying individual stocks.

The same survey also finds that 40 percent of those surveyed report they are trading options.

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Self-Directed Investors Continue to Drive ETF Growth

A new study finds that nearly two-thirds of affluent investors who own ETFs say they purchased these products with no help from an advisor. Cogent Research surveyed 4,000 affluent investors as part of the 2010 Investor Brandscape report.

Self-directed investors are likely to stay at the forefront of adoption. Cogent found that 40% of current self-directed ETF owners say they plan to increase their use of these products, compared to just 26% of advised ETF owners who expect to do the same.

In terms of awareness, iShares is the leader among self-directed investors, however, Vanguard is viewed more favorably and also wins higher loyalty from ETF customers.

etf awareness

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