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Switching to ETFs

In an environment where the stock market recovers and the credit crisis is in the rearview mirror, will your investments recover with the stock market, lag behind or remain at today’s levels? The investment tool you are using will make the difference.

Each quarter, Standard and Poors comes out with a report detailing how mutual funds performed compared to passive investments or indexes. Remember, ETFs are investment products that track indexes and are comparable with them. This report, the Standard and Poor’s Passive Verses Active Scorecard or SPIVA Scorecard, takes a unique view of how mutual funds performed verses indexes.

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Is Debt the New Equity?

As bond investors begin to experience never before seen risks, they are asking themselves if debt is the new equity.

Case in point - the investors who own the secured debt of Chrysler.  Even with the company teetering on the brink of insolvency, the bondholders felt confident that they would get most of their money back since they were first in line and the bonds are secured by land, machines and other hard assets.

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