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Tactical Inflation Hedging

The prospect for a resurgence in inflation looks high.  The aggressive policy responses put in place around the world to deal with the financial crisis combined with the emerging green shoots that signal a fading recession have investors concerned with how to protect their assets in an environment of rising prices.

However, inflation isn't here yet and may be delayed for the foreseeable future if the world's central bankers can pull off the high wire act of reigning in the money supply without choking off the economic recovery.

These are the questions that the World Gold Council (WGC) recently asked in evaluating four traditional assets that are perceived to perform well during a high inflation environment.

The study's authors set out to determ

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Is Asset Allocation Dead?

Asset allocation, the practice of spreading a portfolio across different investments to diversify risk, failed miserably in 2008 when almost all asset classes fell together.  So is asset allocation dead?  Yes, and no.


Failure of a Fail-Safe Strategy


The WSJ's Tom Lauricella does a nice job of explaining what happened in 2008 in his recent piece, Failure of a Fail-Safe Strategy Sends Investors Scrambling.  Investors and their advisors thought they were well positioned to manage risk and preserve wealth by going beyond just stocks to invest in bonds, commodities, real estate, international equities and

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The S&P 500 Decison - SPY or IVV?

After the decision to invest in the ever popular market benchmark, S&P 500, investors have two options within the ETF universe for a pure play S&P 500 option, iShares IVV and the SPDR, SPY.  It seems that investors have made up their minds but is this decision optimal and which S&P 500 ETF is best suited for which kind of investor?


spy vs ivv assets

Structure is Everything


The SPDR fund, SPY, is the oldest and most traded ETF in the US.  When ETFs were first being created they all were Unit Investment Trusts (UITs)

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