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Independent Advisors Turn Optimistic and Gain Ground

9 out of 10 independent advisors added new clients in Q3 and intend to take more risk with their client's assets.

According to the semi-annual Independent Advisor Outlook Study, independent RIAs plan to move client assets out of cash (48% of advisors) and into emerging market equities (37%) and small cap U.S.

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Does Volume Matter? Evaluating ETF Liquidity

An ETF does not require a certain amount of trading volume in order to be liquid. The underlying securities of the ETF determine its liquidity.

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Why Commodities are Different

Commodity ETFs are different than traditional, plain vanilla ETFs and investors need to be made aware of the risks.

Exchange-Traded Funds come in many different “flavors” and therefore, are useful in many different ways for a large variety of investors.  Commodity ETFs and Exchange-Traded Notes have different legal and regulatory structures that make them unique ETF and ETN products.

Commodities are in themselves different investments that require a different structure to be used as ETFs.  Some commodities can be directly held with only limited costs like gold which can be stored in vaults.  Other commodities, like wheat, cannot be stored because of its limited useful life, or are inefficient or extremely difficult to store like oil or natural

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